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Seminar 3- Car Crash: What should you do and how do you deal with legal questions?

From 27.10.2018 10:00 am until 27.10.2018 12:00 pm
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TOPIC: Car Crash: What should you do and how do you deal with legal questions?
Car accidents carry a number of legal obligations and consequences, whether you were or were not at fault and the implication of insurance policies. When do you need to call the police? What happens if the parties disagree on who was responsible? Can you take the issue to court? This seminar will discuss what you need to do after a collision, and how you can protect yourself should the issue go to court.
Chair: Con Ktenas, Solicitor, Accredited Specialist Personal Injury Law (formerly with Workers Compensation Independent Review Office - WIRO), Stacks Goudkamp, Sydney, & President of the City of Sydney Law Society
Presenters: Gregory Heathcote, Barrister, 8th Floor Garfield Barwick Chambers, Sydney Mathew Campbell, Solicitor, Proctor and Associates, Parramatta
Ben Radford, Senior Constable, Community Liaison Officer, NSW Police Force