Seminar 5: Topic 1:The Scandal of Aboriginal incarceration Topic 2: Open & Transparent Government Decision making Topic 3: Rights of Senior Citizens

From 26.08.2017 9:45 am until 26.08.2017 1:00 pm
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9.45am TOPIC 1: The Scandal of Aboriginal incarceration – a direct challenge to the community
Aboriginal incarceration – a direct challenge to the community. Aboriginal incarceration is a problem which has a long history in Australia. However, over time, the problem has worsened despite calls for support. This seminar discusses the implications of the problem and how it can be alleviated.
Presenter: Mr Greg Walsh, Solicitor, Sydney
Chair: His Hon Judge Joe Harman, Federal Circuit Court of Australia

TOPIC 2: Open & Transparent Government Decision making – where does the Government Information (Public Access) Act (GIPA) fit in? (formerly known as Freedom of Information Act–FOI)
Democratic governments have been concerned about making the decision making more open and transparent to its people. With this view, new legislation was introduced in 1989 and popularly became known as “the Freedom of Information Act (FOI)” – the GIPA law came into effect in 2010.
Presenter: Ms Kiri Mattes, Senior Solicitor, Office of the Crown Solicitor, Sydney
Chair: Ms Ishita Sethi, Barrister, Wentworth Chambers, Sydney

11.45am Morning tea break

12 noon TOPIC 3: Seniors’ Rights: Elder Financial Abuse: What can go wrong and what can you do?
Seniors Rights Service provides advice and assistance to older people over 60 in relation to elder abuse, particularly financial abuse. All seniors should be aware of what types of financial abuse can occur and what they can do if they are taken advantage of financially.
Presenter: Ms Melissa Chaperlin, Solicitor, Seniors Rights Service, Sydney
Chair: Ms Nalika Padmasena, Solicitor, Seniors Rights Service, Sydney and member of the TLC’s Management Committee

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