Seminar 6: Topic1: Local Councils – How do they impact local communities Topic 2: Consumer Rights and How does one safe guard them?

From 02.09.2017 10:00 am until 02.09.2017 1:00 pm
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10.00am TOPIC 1: Local Councils – How do they impact local communities (an interactive presentation)
Presenters: Ms Elizabeth Espinosa, General Counsel, Liverpool City Council & Ms Mary Macken, Corporate Counsel, Blacktown City Council
Chair: Mr Adam Seton, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Local Government and Planning Law, Marsdens Law Group

11.20am Morning tea break

11.40am TOPIC 2: Consumer Rights and How does one safe guard them?
Consumer Protection – What are these rights? The law affords every Australian certain rights when they interact with a seller. These rights include the right to refunds or replacements in certain situations. While consumer rights are some of the most important rights we have, people rarely know what they are truly entitled to. This seminar discusses these rights in detail.
Presenter: Mr Bailey Compton, Solicitor, Leverage Group Lawyers
Chair: Mr James Mack, Barrister, Sydney Marea Wilson, Barrister, Denman Chambers, Sydney

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