Seminar 7: Topic 1: Forms of Discriminations – How to handle them and Remedies available? Topic 2: Defamation- What are essential ingredients including evidence required for a successful legal outcome?

From 16.09.2017 10:00 am until 16.09.2017 1:00 pm
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10.00am TOPIC 1: Forms of Discrimination – How to handle them and remedies available?
Australian and NSW anti-discrimination law provides protection from various forms of discrimination. This seminar discusses these protections and explains what ‘discrimination’ is under the law, the types of discrimination, and what you can do when being discriminated against.
Presenter: Ms Kate Eastman SC Barrister, St James Hall, Sydney
Chair: Mr Neil Cussen, Partner, Deloitte, Parramatta 11.20am Morning tea break

11.40am TOPIC 2: Defamation – What are the essential ingredients and what evidence is required for a successful legal outcome?
Presenter: Mr Richard Mitry, Solicitor, Mitry Lawyers, Sydney
Chair: The Hon Ian Coleman SC, Barrister and former Judge of the Family Court of Australia

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