2020 Seminar 3

From 24.10.2020 2:00 pm until 24.10.2020 4:00 pm
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TOPIC 1: Your Options When Receiving a Fine, and the Consequences of Avoiding Fines
Over 2.8 million fines are issued in NSW annually. This seminar will discuss what you should do when you get a fine/ penalty or infringement notice and the steps involved in fines administration.

PRESENTER: Mr Matthew Baker Senior Technical Specialist, Revenue NSW

TOPIC 2: Work and Development Orders and Fines Debt.
WDOs are a way that you can clear your fines debt through volunteering, counselling, medical or mental health treatment or educational courses. The topic will cover what are WDOs, the fine cycle and am I eligible for a WDO.

RESENTER: Ms Karina Inostroza, Solicitor, Legal Aid NSW

CHAIR: His Honour Magistrate Theo Tsavdardis Local Court of NSW

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