• From 27.05.2023 8:00 am until 27.05.2023 1:00 pm
    At 22 Main St, Blacktown NSW 2148, Australia
    There is nothing more stressful in a criminal lawyer’s practice than dealing with a sentence where the only real question for the Court to determine is whether a prison sentence will be served in the community or in fulltime detention. If the stress of the occasion were not enough in and of itself, the task of a criminal lawyer over the last several years has been made even more difficult given the unsettled nature of the law regarding Intensive Correction Orders, and a state of confusion, where it was difficult to discern what the binding authorities were and how the law should be applied.
  • From 22.06.2023 8:45 am until 29.06.2023 4:00 pm
    At 143-147 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
    Importance of Advocacy in Legal System Advocacy is one of the cornerstones of the adversarial system of justice. The art of persuasion is an evolving skill, which is refined over time as experience and practice chart the course of one’s career. Advocacy is not confined to oral communication. It resides as much in written submissions as it does in oral delivery. Often, it transcends the boundaries of presentation and enters the domain of etiquette, technique, diligence, professional responsibility and candour. This workshop is designed to enhance one’s persuasive streak, with strategies to steer negotiations, influence decision makers and effectively achieve positive outcomes
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