A Community Legal Centre providing free Legal advice

Who we are We are not solicitors, barristers or law students but we support the free legal service rendered by the TLC’s team of passionate and compassionate volunteers. We will knit anything that is useful for human beings to wear to protect themselves, scarfs, shawls, bed covers, jumpers, socks for infants and children. Even articles your pets, if you ask us.

Community Engagement We are ordinary people standing up for the marginalised, disadvantaged and vulnerable people in our own way by supporting the work of TLC. As a community legal centre, this program will enable TLC to connect with the community.

Support Australian Wool Producers As much as possible, we will use Australian wool and yarn to undertake knitting work – thus supporting our primary producers of Australia. The works emerging from love, skilled hands and artistry will be sold during TLC’s Annual Community Fundraising Dinner and other events organised and conducted by TLC. We will commit to donate a percentage of our goods each year to those in need

Knitting Classes
We are eagerly looking for those who are able and willing to teach others interested to learn knitting.If you are keen to learn knitting, please register your interest by emailing us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The knitting sessions will commence at the Toongabbie Hall, next to St Anthony’s Church, 27 Aurelia Street, Toongabbie. As interests grows, there will be room to expand as more volunteers come on board to participate.

Local Leaders Knitting can take place anywhere and anytime suitable to the participants. Are you prepared to be a leader in your local area and able to promote and facilitate this program? Your ability to inspire, organise and coordinate this activity in a participatory manner would be great.

Mrs Marie McNulty Convenor of ‘Knitting4Justice’

Marie is 80 years young and committed to the social justice cause. She is a resident of Toongabbie and is very experienced in knitting. Marie is looking forward to teaching those interested in learning how to knit. She is also very keen to connect with others wanting to join our knitting-wide group.

Click here to download the Knitting for Justice Brochure